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About Us

We do feel our vast experience is of the highest value. Having been involved in Property Search, Acquisition, Relocation & Estate Agency for a large number of years we have handled numerous, and many diverse, property transactions in Yorkshire and have, therefore, dealt with just about every situation imaginable.

Our Ethos

We work extremely hard to find you the best possible home in the most suitable area and, with our resolve, determination, local knowledge & experience, proudly have a 98% success rate in achieving this. We work solely for you, the purchaser, not the Vendor or Estate Agent, so you always have someone ‘fighting your corner’ fiercely at what is undoubtedly one of the most difficult, stressful and demanding processes to go through.

A property bought for investment is a different type of purchase altogether and our positive track record clearly shows our commitment to ensuring the property’s suitability and potential as a priority, never losing sight of the long term feasibility and any future resale value the chosen property might achieve.

We are delighted and privileged that a number of our clients have used us on more than one occasion to help them find a new home and many of our investment clients have chosen to use us repeatedly over the years resulting in us being involved with large portfolios of properties throughout Leeds, Harrogate, Ilkley and The Dales.

Rachel has spent virtually her entire professional life working in property and therefore has extensive knowledge & vast experience unrivalled within this industry in Harrogate, Leeds, Ilkley and The Dales. She founded WhereHouse? with Liz in 2003 to help buyers, usually out of the area, purchase all types of property for both private use and investment purposes. Prior to this Rachel spent 15 years working for Yorkshire’s largest independent Estate Agent and was an Associate Director acting for clients in respect of residential sales, rentals and valuations.

Having worked in property for over 30 years she knows the buying process thoroughly from ‘both sides’ and excels in her ability to listen, understand, respond, be proactive and, most importantly, care. Rachel lives just outside Harrogate with her partner Robin and two teenage children, Ben and India.

“What sets Rachel & Liz apart is their ability to understand you and the kind of home you need and want.”

“Rachel & Liz combine vast experience with efficient & considerate communication.”

Liz started her property career by buying a plot of land and managing a self-build house. Negotiating with all the different trades throughout the build and balancing this with meeting all the requirements from building regulation officers whilst not taking her eye off the budget was essential. From there she went on to update another property in Ilkley which included a loft conversion. More latterly an almost derelict house, which was renovated, brought back to life and is now a wonderful family home again.

Working on the sharp end of Yorkshire’s largest independent Estate Agent was where Liz realized the need for someone on your side was not necessary a luxury but in many cases a necessity. The need to get the purchase as spot on as possible can not only get you living in the ‘right’ home in the most suitable area but also means you won’t be compromising or, worse still, going through the expense and hassle of moving again. Liz lives in Ilkley with her husband John, her two children are now grown up and property owners themselves.

“Rachel & Liz combine vast experience with efficient & considerate communication.”

Buying a property is probably the biggest investment you will ever make.

Knowledge and expertise are essential.

Mrs S

WhereHouse? are utterly professional yet friendly and they do all the hard work for you. I will certainly use them again when we look for a house to buy and I would actively promote them to anyone looking for a really good Relocation Agent in this area.

Mrs S

Mr & Mrs M

Many thanks for brokering the deal with such skill and panache! We would like to thank you for your hard and excellent work and for your warm support. You were brilliant!

Mr & Mrs M

Professional, discreet & personal

Our relocation service