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Yorkshire Home Finders & Buyers Agent

Our Property Search service is tailored to you and your own unique requirements & circumstances, never compromising unless absolutely required to do so, and always concentrating on the essence of you and your individual needs but also taking into consideration work requirements, family, pets, transport and leisure. We do not forget or disregard anything, however small and insignificant, if we feel it will impact you in any way.

Our focus is matching your requirements with the very best property.

We look at your ‘whole picture’ very carefully bringing a new angle, energy and commitment to your house purchase – combining extensive experience with insight, care and understanding.

Moving from a distance, and especially from outside the UK, can be fraught with difficulties and problems when buying & renting and with us being ‘on the spot’ here in Yorkshire enables the whole process to be handled on your behalf proficiently, thoroughly, diligently and professionally… always saving you an enormous amount of time, inevitable stress, inconvenience and hassle.

In addition, you will benefit directly from our combined and varied property experience of more than 40 years both having been involved in Property Search, Acquisition, Relocation & Estate Agency during this period.

“I think the greatest thing you achieved was to hear what we didn’t say as well as what we did”

Professional, discreet & personal

Helping you every step of the way

  • Identify your requirements, objectives & wish list from both a Property & Lifestyle perspective.
  • Using our local knowledge & expertise research the market based on your individual criteria and our own ‘gut feeling’.
  • Source, research & view potential suitable properties including those not yet on the open market or are being discreetly marketed.
  • Accompany you to chosen properties, providing expert advice & guidance.
  • Skillfully & successfully negotiate your purchase with Estate Agent or Vendor.
  • Stand by your side acting as your Buyers Agent right through to exchange of contracts.
  • Always offering a highly professional, discreet and completely personal approach.

Buying a Property is probably the biggest investment you will ever make.

Knowledge and expertise are essential.

Relocation service

Properties acquired

“Incredibly good service. You ticked every box for us and even matched some requirements we hadn’t remembered to tell you. Highly recommended.”

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